If you have new business premises or you want to reduce your running costs and improve your bottom line, you might be interested in a professional gas meter installation that gives you more accurate gas readings, or one that sends those readings automatically to your supplier.

But, how easy is it to have business gas meter installation, and how much does it cost? Additionally, how do you read a gas meter, whether it's a traditional dial meter, an electronic meter, or a smart meter? And how easy are they to install? The answers are in this business gas meter installation guide.

You will also find out more about Business Energy UK, an online business gas and electricity comparison website that allows you to search the market in under sixty seconds. Business Energy UK also provides you with a massive knowledge base where you can learn more about installation.

What Is A Business Gas Meter?

The majority of businesses use gas in some capacity; it might be for temperature control, air conditioning, company appliances, factory equipment, and many other reasons; but, it's important for businesses to monitor and track their gas consumption so they can improve their bottom line and make savings where possible. It's also important for the purposes of obtaining more efficient quotes.

Depending on the type of business gas meter you install, it will either record the company's gas consumption or record and send those readings to the energy company, who will use them to create more accurate readings. If you want to reduce your bottom line and ensure your business is as green as possible, automatic readings are more useful than manual ones that must be sent in regularly.

There are different types of gas meter available for your business, and the type you choose will depend on your business and gas requirements. For example, single-rate meters charge a single flat rate, while two rate meters charge two separate rates. You can also have three rate meters and half-hourly meters. Nowadays, smart meters are very popular, as are multi-site meters that combine your energy tariffs.

Why Should You Get A Gas Meter Installed?

If your business does not have a gas meter, your gas bills might be higher than you expect; also, you might use more or less gas than required which impacts the environment as well as your bottom line. On the other hand, installing a gas meter can tighten up your gas demand and reduce your energy usage. It also takes some of the stress and effort out of sending readings to your supplier.

Reduce your bills

Firstly, a new business gas meter will reduce your bills because it records everything precisely and gives you an accurate reading that you can send to your gas supplier or one that records them automatically. Second, when you install a smart meter, it monitors the flow of gas in your system at regular intervals and sends this information to a display that can be monitored and altered.

Avoid "estimated" energy bills

Without a meter, your gas distributor will have to estimate the amount of gas you consume in a given period - usually a month. This is called an "estimated energy bill" and can affect your company's bottom line. If you don't want to overpay for your gas, then it's sensible to have a business meter installed. A meter will not only avoid estimated bills; it will make your bills more accurate overall.

How To Get A New Business Gas Meter Installed

Find your premises' meter point reference number (MPRN)

It's important that you install the new meter in the correct part of the building so that it records your meter readings and not someone else's. There is a number called a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) that you can find on every meter to identify gas meters. The gas distributor will use this to connect up your business gas. You can find this number on the meter or on a previous gas bill.

Check if the meter is already connected

If your meter is disconnected, you will have to book an appointment with a gas installer to have it connected again; however, the process is easier and cheaper if your meter is already set up. It's best to check your connection before you contact your supplier. First, check all your gas appliances are switched off, then find your meter; you might be able to push a button to reconnect the gas.

Arrange an installation with your provider

If your gas is disconnected, you will have to arrange an appointment with your gas provider for installation or connection. Installing and connecting gas is not only a safety concern; it is also a legal issue, so you need to ensure you get a qualified gas engineer to hook you up. Since Ofgem closely controls gas, gas suppliers have engineers and qualified persons available to facilitate installs.

How To Read Your Business Gas Meter

It can be intimidating when you are confronted with a business meter, there are usually many dials on a modern electronic meter, but you only need to be concerned with the bottom four dials to read your meter. The dials have numbers that run opposite each other, so each consecutive dial moves in the opposite direction. If a dial points between numbers, you always use the lower number.

A meter like this is always read from left to right. After you have read the numbers, you will have a four-digit meter reading that you can send to your supplier. It's easy to read the numbers the dial points at but remember you need to mark it downwards if the dial is between two numbers; additionally, if a dial points at number nine, you need to subtract a number from the previous dial.

You might also come across an electronic meter, which doesn't have a dial but can be read in much the same way. A commercial electronic meter is also read from left to right; the difference is these digits are already calculated and presented on a digital display. Remember to take a note of whether the reading is in cubic meters or cubic feet. You will need to provide gas supply readings once a month.

The meters described above are typical business gas meters that you are likely to find on most business premises; however, the next generation of business gas meters are smart which come with a host of advantages. For instance, with a smart meter, you not only have the opportunity to optimise your energy for business demands, but you don't need to send gas supply readings to your supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this varies depending on the size and economy of your business, but in general, a more accurate meter, or a smart meter, can help to reduce your new business gas consumption and, therefore, the bottom line of your business. Statistics suggest that you can save around 2% per year on your gas usage by installing a new meter or switching to a smart meter - a substantial saving.

There are laws in place that restricts new gas meter installation by unqualified persons; therefore, you have to organise installation with your gas distributor. It's the responsibility of the business owner to organise meter installation, but it's up to the gas distributor to visit the premises and install the meter. If you think you might need a new business meter, visit BEUK and search the database for a quote.

Commercial gas meter installation is not free. You will have to pay a meter point administration service fee, and you will have to pay for the installation costs. If you are installing a smart meter, your supplier can do this without any upfront cost; however, the meter will be charged through your monthly billing.