If you own or manage a large company, especially one that runs out of several locations, it’s likely your energy needs are a great deal more challenging than those of the average household.

A multi-site meter energy supply is an asset that promises a bespoke solution tailored to your businesses requirements.

The result? A solution that will assist you in easily and effectively managing the electricity usage of your entire company without the need for multiple suppliers and bills.

What is a multi-site meter?

In a nutshell, multi-site meters or multi-location business energy contracts are a simple and efficient way to organise the billing for numerous meters. This could be the billing for meters housed in one large business site, or several metres across multiple business locations.

As well as saving you time and a great deal of hassle, multi-site meters can often save business owners a great deal of money when it comes to business energy costs.

Here at Business Energy UK, we specialise in multi-site meter comparison. Our ultimate goal? To find multi-site meters that work for your needs, and avoid you having to renegotiate or renew several business energy contracts (or out of contract rates) throughout the year.

What are the benefits of multi-site energy management meters?

Overpaying for business energy across several locations can eat into a sizeable chunk of your business earnings. Cleverly selected multi-site meters on the other hand will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs by consolidating your entire business energy needs into one package.

With competitive multi-site meters, you only need to concern yourself with one renewal date and one supplier as opposed to several.

This straightforward process is an easy and effective way for larger companies with multiple sites to save money on their energy bills. To ensure you get the best deal possible, our team of experts compare multi-site providers and energy usage across the UK. That’s not all - we’ll even organise the switch for you.

Easily keep track of energy contracts

Dealing with several bills for energy usage throughout the year is not only confusing, but it’s also overwhelming - and can often leave you paying more for an energy contract than you anticipated.

Consolidating your energy costs, however, allows you to easily keep track of electricity and gas bills across multiple locations, ensuring you’re always on the best tariff or variable rate contract, using only the best energy-efficient methods.

One renewal date

With just the one renewal date to focus on, you can set up a calendar notification to notify you of when your current deal is up.

With several energy bills to contend to, it’s easy to miss these renewal dates, meaning you’ll often be rolled onto a more expensive contract without even noticing.

For example, if your company boasts 30 different sites, checking every energy bill renewal contract for each specific location will be a time-consuming procedure, and one that is often overlooked.

With one bill and one supplier, you need not worry about this mammoth task. Instead, you can let our team at Business Energy UK take care of the energy suppliers for your multiple sites.

Save on your business energy expenses

At Business Energy UK, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to sourcing the best multi-site deals available by sifting through several multi-site business energy deals from different suppliers.

We’ll also manage the package for you, switching your entire business over to a new energy plan or rolling contract that promises to suit your business needs - leaving you to focus on other pressing matters.

Having a panel of notable energy experts to hand, we’re confident we can negotiate a rate bespoke to your budget, energy efficiency measures and company requirements. If you enjoy our service, you can enlist our help to take care of all future renewals going forward.

For more information, contact our team at Business Energy UK today and request a no-obligation quote.

Which businesses would benefit from a multi-site meter?

If your own a bigger business with multiple set-ups across numerous locations or multiple occupancy buildings, it’s likely you’ll benefit in a big way from a multi-site meter.

Instead of enlisting in several electricity meters for each independent site (all boasting different deals with various suppliers), switching to a new deal will ensure you get the most out of your money - and save you a great deal of time.

How? By ensuring you’re privy to more buying power when it comes to negotiating the best deal. After all, what energy supplier wouldn’t want to be a building’s primary gas and electricity provider for multi-occupancy buildings?

How can I get a multi-site energy contract quote?

Simple! Contact one of our energy experts today at 0800 464 7677 , or via our online quote form, and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote - showcasing only energy deals that take your budget and business needs into consideration.

We go out of our way to compare business energy quotes so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a landlord of a commercial or residential property housing numerous tenants, it’s important to invest in a multi-metering product tailored to the needs of each tenant. Many in this situation opt for a sub-metering solution, as this is often deemed the best fit. Why? It can be programmed to work alongside the property’s primary electricity and gas meters, which means it’s able to oversee each tenant’s energy consumption.

These tenant meters are available for use in any multi-occupancy property and are an asset to those wishing to accurately split floors or even rooms on independent sites. The result? Bills that are accurately calculated, meaning each tenant pays for only what they use.

In most cases yes, especially if you’re a larger business wishing to consolidate bills. Of course, the deals available are dependent on several pointers:

  • Your company size
  • How many staff you employ
  • When and how energy is used
  • The industry you work in
  • Where in the UK your business is situated.

Allowing Business Energy UK to oversee your energy switch is the easiest and speediest way to find a money-saving deal. We do the leg work to source you a multi-site meter that is in tune with your budget and business requirements so you don’t have to. To find out how much you could save, call us today!

The contract that best suits your company requirements is dependent on the industry you work in and your business circumstances. To ensure you get the best deal available, but also, one that works for you, it’s advisable to invest in the expert advice of an energy broker familiar with multi-site energy contracts for larger businesses.

This is where our expertise comes in handy. We’re here to help you negotiate the best deal available and ensure costs stay low, even if it means switching to an alternative company before your renewal date. Still confused? You can learn more about the ins and outs of multi-site energy meters here.

Talk to us today to learn more about your options, and how much you can expect to save with a multi-site energy contract.