TPI Code of Practice

Our TPI Code of Practice Commitment

Operating within an industry can be challenging, but we're resolute in establishing a sense of order and ethics.

This is reflected in our adherence to the Third-Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice tailored for small and medium enterprises.

Understanding the TPI Code of Practice

Crafted to establish a quality standard for responsible TPIs operating on behalf of SMEs and negotiating optimal prices with suppliers, the TPI Code of Practice is something we proudly abide by. This adherence symbolises our pledge to our clients that we are committed to delivering a service that is open, honest, and of the highest quality.

Navigating a competitive market requires structure and regulation, which is why it's vital we follow these guidelines. As a business energy customer, it's important to ensure that your chosen TPI abides by the TPI Code of Practice to prevent receiving a service that's subpar or unreliable.

What does our adherence to the TPI Code of Practice mean for our customers?

Exemplary Customer Service - Our team of seasoned energy consultants are equipped with the necessary training to provide you with excellent customer service. They are readily available to provide all the information you need to make a well-informed decision and are more than happy to answer any questions during the switching process.

Freedom of Choice - We promise not to pressure you into decisions or inundate you with unnecessary communications. Our goal is to secure a better energy deal for your business, but we respect that it's your business and ultimately, your decision. Should you wish to cease receiving communications from us or have any complaints, a simple email will suffice.

Transparent Process - We prioritise honesty and openness in our service. We'll keep you informed throughout the switching process and ensure you receive all essential documents. 'Track my Switch,' our proprietary tool, enables you to monitor the progress of your new contract from agreement to activation, providing complete visibility. If you have any questions, simply reach out; we're always here to help.

Data Protection - We are committed to protecting your privacy. We carefully manage our customer data to ensure you only receive relevant communications, and your details will never be shared with third parties without your consent.

Competitive Pricing - Our comparison engine provides access to more than 150 deals from 18 suppliers. You can also speak directly with our experienced energy consultants about the tariffs available. On average, we help businesses save 40% on their annual energy costs. We strive to beat your current tariff using our unique pricing tool, which ensures you get the best deal every time without needing to haggle.

When your contract with your chosen supplier goes live, we receive either an introductory fee or an amount included in your price over the contract term. We're always transparent about our compensation and are more than happy to answer any questions about this.

Security - We'll only proceed with energy contracts with your complete understanding and consent. We are legally required to have a signed Letter of Authority from you before acting on your behalf with suppliers. When finalising a contract via phone, we ensure to read the full contract, recording it for future reference if required.

Our team will gladly repeat anything unclear and ensure you're comfortable with the terms and conditions before proceeding. Once you agree verbally to a new contract, our Pre-live Team will assist you with any concerns or objections. Once your contract goes live, an Account Manager will maintain regular contact, check your satisfaction with the contract, and touch base when it's time for renewal to ensure you stay on the best available tariff.

For more information, you can access the full TPI Code of Practice here.