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How to compare Crown Gas & Power prices with BEUK

Is your business energy contract up for renewal? Do you want to shop around for a new business gas supplier? With so many options available on the gas and power markets, it can seem daunting trying to choose the best energy supplier for your business.

Using our energy comparison tool, you can compare suppliers like Crown Gas & Power with other market competitors, to see how their deals stand up compared to other business energy suppliers.

Read on to find out more about Crown Gas & Power, and whether they could be the right energy supplier for your businesses energy needs.

Who is Crown Gas & Power?

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial sector: they are a single fuel supplier, so they only supply gas to businesses countrywide. Due to this, they don't offer other utilities such as electricity, although they can provide gas, electricity and water connections and disconnections.

They have been offering gas supply to businesses since 2001, and are known for their competitive gas contracts and first-class customer service from their UK based support team. They also offer green gas options for businesses as well as carbon offsetting, which can be quite hard to find when choosing a businesses gas supplier.

Choosing Crown Gas & Power will give your company access to competitive prices, an excellent Manchester-based customer service team and an easy-to-use online customer portal for managing your energy account. They also offer variable length contracts to suit the needs of individual businesses.

What's more, Crown Gas & Power are invested in their local community; offering a £2 donation to a local charity of your choice when you choose to start a contract with them.

Crown Gas & Power business energy rates

Crown Gas & Power offer a wide variety of products and services to suit the business gas needs of many different companies.

Whether you are running a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), a large industrial business or even a multi-site organisation, their products and services can be tailored to suit your needs. They can also create a personalised energy plan that will suit the client’s business, for those who procure energy for other enterprises.

Their business gas products include:

  • A fully fixed energy contract, which means that you will be charged a fixed price per unit of gas for the duration of your contract, agreed at the beginning of the deal. This type of deal makes it easier to predict your businesses' gas bills.
  • Variable-length supply contracts, which mean you can choose a contract length to suit you and your company.
  • Fully inclusive contracts: this energy deal will eliminate any unpredictable standing charges for contracts up to 500,000 kWh.
  • Siteworks contracts, which offer a full service to multi-site businesses such as installing new gas, water and business electricity service connections (as well as disconnections). They can even offer service alterations such as helping to adjust water pressure or relocate gas, electricity and water meters.
  • Crown Gas & Power also offer green gas energy plans and bespoke carbon offsetting solutions, if being carbon neutral is a key concern for your business.

Due to the wide variety of business energy rates offered by Crown Gas and Power, there is likely to be a great deal available for you, regardless of the size of your business.

If your business is an SME (small to medium-sized enterprise), here are some features you can expect if you get your gas supply from Crown Gas and Power:

  • Highly competitive prices uniquely tailored to small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • An easy-to-use online account management portal that will save you time when managing your business energy.
  • Flexible contract lengths.
  • Advanced metering installation for accurate meter readings.

Alternatively, they also offer useful contracts for larger businesses, such as commercial energy connection services. This service includes:

  • Having a single point of contact appointed to your business to ensure the project runs smoothly.
  • Offering a site works connection team who are able to arrange multiple utility connections.
  • The possibility of multi-site and multi-meter installations.
  • Service alterations whenever needed as well as advanced meter upgrades.

Whether you're a small start-up, a medium-sized enterprise or a large multi-site business, with such a wide range of business energy rates and contracts you can be sure to find a deal that suits you and your corporation.

The pros of switching to Crown Gas & Power for your business gas needs

  • They offer competitive rates for businesses of all sizes.
  • They have a dedicated UK based customer service team and endeavour to provide excellent service to all customers.
  • They are recommended by some of the UK’s largest Managing Agents for supplying natural gas.
  • They offer variable length contracts tailored to specific business needs.
  • They use the latest automated meters for accurate gas readings.
  • You will have access to their easy-to-use online portal to manage your energy usage.
  • They offer multi-utility connection services as well as disconnection.
  • You will be helping local causes through their charity outreach.
  • They offer carbon offsetting and green gasoline options to help reduce your carbon footprint and work towards net-zero.

The cons of switching to Crown Gas & Power for your business gas needs

  • They are a single-fuel supplier, so you will have to look elsewhere for a business electricity contract.
  • You may need to contact them directly to secure a deal, after comparing rates through Business Energy UK.

Compare Crown Gas & Power business energy prices with Business Energy UK

Before deciding to renew or take out a new contract for your gas and/or electricity supply, it’s important that you compare business energy supply prices: and you can do it in 60 seconds with our free and impartial comparison tool at Business Energy UK.

Ofgem, the UK regulator for gas and electricity suppliers, recommend comparing before you switch suppliers in order to get the best deal for your business: you can read their handy guide to comparison over on their website.

You can compare Crown Gas and Power energy prices in a few quick and easy steps:

Visit to access our comparison tool.

Enter your postcode and some information about your current provider as well as your average energy consumption – you should be able to find this on your latest bill.

Select whether you want to compare gas or electricity plans, or both.

Filter your results based on fixed or flexible tariffs, green energy options, as well as contract duration.

Choose the best deal for your company and see how much you could save.

By using our comparison tool you can see which Crown Gas & Power tariff is best for you, as well as see how their rates compare to other competitors so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one energy supplier which is perfect for every company: the best energy supplier for your company will be dependent on a number of factors that are unique to you and your enterprise.

Nevertheless, Crown Gas & Power offer a number of excellent and unique features and services to their customers which could make them a great fit for your business. These include:

  • Offering competitive prices as well as quick and easy switching.
  • Having a UK based customer service team who are dedicated to efficient customer care.
  • Offering a wide range of contract lengths to suit every business size, from SME's to multi-business corporations.
  • The option to take out a green gas energy plan, and select the percentage of sustainable gasoline your company can afford.

There are a number of ways you can contact Crown Gas & Power’s dedicated customer service team.

You can also call the team at 0161 762 7744 for all general enquiries, or use the contact form on their website here.

In an emergency, such as when you suspect a gas leak, call this 24-hour hotline immediately: 0800 111 999.

The best Crown Gas & Power tariff for your business will depend on a number of factors, including your businesses size, budget and priorities.

For example, if you are an SME you may want to opt for a flexible contract that enables you to choose a contract length to suit your available budget, and which won’t leave you locked in if your circumstances change.

If you’re a large business with multiple sites, you may want to choose a tariff that includes multiple utility connection management, including multi-meter installation and new energy connections for gas, electric and water, as well as free advanced meter upgrades.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make your business net-zero, you may want to opt for a tariff that includes carbon offsetting, or a full or partial green gas supply.

Whatever your size, circumstances and priorities, Crown Gas & Power are energy experts who offer a wide range of services to suit your businesses energy needs.