Are you planning on switching energy contracts? Worried you may struggle to find a solution that works for you? Do you worry the switching process may become too time-consuming? Then consider hiring the services of a business energy broker!

They specialise in finding the best prices on energy bills so you can save on your next big contract. Below you will find everything you need to know about how brokers can help you and how much you can save today!

What do business energy brokers do?

Finding and comparing new energy suppliers can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you don't know what you are looking for. Thankfully, an energy broker will be to help you find a new business energy supplier quickly and easily.

Due to their years of experience, energy brokers throughout the UK will have links with a range of different business energy suppliers. This means they will know what to look for and will even be able to get your business the best deals.

A business energy broker will be able to communicate with energy suppliers on your behalf. Getting the best business energy prices is far easier when working alongside an energy broker, so you no longer need to pay extremely high energy costs.

What are the benefits of using a business energy broker service?

The main benefit to hiring an energy broker is that they will know the business gas and electricity market better than you do. They will be able to find the best business energy contract suited to your energy consumption by comparing the best deals and negotiate a lower cost.

If you seek the help of a reputable broker, then you will gain access to the biggest savings. This is because they will have already created contacts and links with some of the top energy companies within the UK.

Switching to a new contract can be extremely costly, especially if you're not sure who offers the best contracts in the UK. As well as a lower cost, you can expect the following benefits when working alongside an energy broker:

  • An in-depth look into a variety of power solutions
  • A quick and efficient switching process
  • A new energy provider you can trust
  • A contract length that may not usually be accessible without the help of a broker

With so many incredible benefits, energy brokers can help a business flourish. When you are next looking for the best business electricity and gas contracts for your company, we'll help you find an energy broker who can get the job done.

How much can an energy broker help you save?

This will depend on the skill of the energy broker and the price of your outstanding gas and electricity bills are. It isn't uncommon to see business energy brokers saving business energy customers anywhere between 20-40% on your energy bills.

Electricity and gas can quickly become one of the most expensive parts of operating a business, no matter its size. Although there isn't a single set amount that a broker can save you, you will no doubt save some money on your energy bills with their help!

Who are the main business energy brokers in the UK?

With over 70 energy brokers throughout the UK, it can be difficult to find the one that's right for your businesses needs. Below you will find a brief breakdown of some of the most popular energy broker services available today.

Utility Bidder

Easily one of the most popular business energy brokers within the UK. Utility Bidder offers a range of services to help you switch to a new energy contract without all the usual hassle. On top of this, they will also help you save by finding the best energy deals out there.

With over 68,000 customers and offering potential savings of up to 45% on your next energy bill, Utility Bidder is one of the most trusted brokers today. If you are in any doubt be sure to check out their trust pilot reviews, they are regularly rated 5 stars!

Northern Gas and Power

One of the global leaders in energy procurement, Northern Gas and Power is a commercial energy broker designed around seeking the best energy deal for their clients. With over 20,000 clients across 3 continents, they are an incredible broker service.

They are not your typical energy broker however as they also offer a specialist energy and business consultant service. Their highly trained team will compare business energy contracts and can help you find a bespoke energy solution for your business.

With so many competitive energy suppliers out there, Northern Gas and Power will make an excellent ally to any business!

Love Energy Savings

You will struggle to find another energy broker that has the enthusiasm and passion of Love Energy Savings. With a drive to find the best savings when it comes to electricity, gas and all things energy, Love Energy Savings are determined to find the best prices for your business.

With links to a range of the top UK suppliers, from British Gas to nPower, and up to a whopping 40% saving on your next energy bill, LES offer an incredible service. They are also extremely experienced, with over 300,000 switches to date.

If you are looking for a broker you can rely on, then consider LES. They might just be a contender for the best energy broker in the UK!


With the aim to being a net-zero carbon organisation by 2050 and with over 50 years of experience, Inenco is a trusted broker service. Inenco is one of the smallest brokers featured here, but that doesn't mean they aren't one of the best.

Finding a green energy solution at an affordable cost can be difficult, but thankfully Inenco knows exactly what to look for. If your business is dedicated to carbon neutrality and you aim to do your part for the environment, then Inenco may be the service for you.

Inspired Energy

A leading independent energy consultancy, Inspired Energy are a broker service that aims to find a bespoke energy contract to cover all of your needs. They offer a range of services, each dedicated to finding the best energy prices available right now.

Not only do they compare energy solutions, but they also offer a 'Use It Better' service. This aims to help businesses throughout the UK with energy efficiency, so they can get the most out of their current contract.

Inspire Energy go above and beyond your typical broker service, so be sure to check them out when you are next planning on switching your energy solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Inenco to Northern Gas and Power, there is a range of fantastic brokers available in the UK today. They each offer unique benefits, so choosing a single best one is difficult. Be sure to check out our picks above!

Most brokers will make money through commission or an upfront payment. Commission will mostly be achieved through the power supplier adding a slight charge to each kWh you use. Although this sounds like it could be costly, the savings a broker provides will more than outweigh this additional charge.

Currently, within the UK energy market, there are around 70 energy brokers that can help you find the best business energy deals out there. Comparing gas and electricity suppliers can be a struggle, but thankfully a professional energy broker can handle this for you.