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How to compare F & S energy prices with Business Energy UK

Relying solely on a renewable energy supplier is something that many businesses across the UK are aiming to do by 2025. But with so many green suppliers populating the energy market, it can be hard to find which one is right for your business needs.

Thankfully, the team here at Business Energy UK are dedicated to helping you find the ideal energy supplier. F&S Energy is just one of the many renewable suppliers we can help you compare your current tariff with.

But who exactly is F∓S Energy and are their tariffs the right choice for your business? Find out everything you need to know about this independent energy supplier below!

Who is F&S Energy?

F&S energy is an energy supplier based in Chelmsford, England, that place a large focus on renewable and green energy sources. They offer a range of businesses energy tariffs suited for both large and small businesses alike.

Originally founded in 2011, their main goal is to help UK-based businesses access a trusted renewable energy source. They offer market-leading rates and are constantly being rated highly regarding their customer service.

F&S Energy business energy rates and tariffs

Fixed energy plan

Perhaps the most common type of energy contract in the UK is the fixed-rate contract. As you might expect from the name, a fixed-rate contract is where the price of your contract remains the same throughout its duration.

Fixed-rate contracts offer you the benefit of knowing exactly how much your energy bill will be at the end of the month. This allows you to budget your monthly spending accordingly and helps you keep track of exactly how much your company is spending on gas and electricity.

However, a fixed-rate contract may not be the most cost-effective option. If the price of the typical energy supply drops, you will still need to pay the price agreed on when signing the contract. This may mean you miss out on some fantastic savings.

If you want to end most fixed-rate contracts early, then you may need to pay exit fees. This is where you pay a sum of money to the supplier to end your contract early. You should try to take this into consideration if you're not sure you want to stay with the same contract for its full duration.

Variable-rate contract

A variable contract is an extremely popular choice for larger businesses that operate within the UK. The price of your energy bill, if you choose a variable-rate contract, will be determined by the current market trends.

As the price can vary depending on energy market trends, some months you will be paying slightly more than you expect, whereas others you will pay less than you expected. This works perfectly for larger businesses that want to take advantage of the current market trends and energy usage.

However, the risk associated with a variable-rate contract means that smaller businesses may want to avoid them. You don't want to be suddenly surprised by a bill that is a lot higher than you were expecting it to be.

Most variable-rate contracts will come with zero exit fees, meaning you can end your contract without the need to pay an early leavers fee!

F&S energy offers a single variable rate tariff, which makes sense when you consider that the price changes depending on your usage and market trends. Most UK energy suppliers only offer a single variable-rate contract due to the flexibility that a single variable contract can offer businesses.

Deemed or out of contract rates

Deemed and out-of-contract rates are designed for companies that have either currently moved to a new property or who don't want to sign a contract.

Deemed rates are usually charged when a company moves onto a property that is already being supplied by an energy supplier. Instead of you needing to immediately sign a contract, you will be charged deemed rates for a set period.

Most deemed rates are extremely similar to the supplier's variable-rate contract and you can usually expect zero exit fees. This is because, ideally, a supplier will prefer a contract as opposed to just charging you deemed rates.

On the other hand, out-of-contract rates are where a company chooses not to sign a contract or create an account with an energy supplier. These rates are usually far higher than any other energy bill and should be avoided where possible!

To find out more about how we can help you compare suppliers and avoid paying out-of-contract rates, get in touch with us today!

Additional F&S Energy business contract information

F&S energy aims to provide both small and large businesses with an innovative renewable energy supply. With today's focus on climate change and 'doing your part for the environment this is a goal that almost everyone can appreciate.

On top of their energy supplying services, they also purchase power from renewable industries. This is to help support the green energy industry and ensure that everyone in the UK has access to a renewable energy source.

Their main source of renewable energy comes from wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, anaerobic digestors and solar farms. With so many different renewable sources, it is no wonder that F&S Energy can boast 100% renewable electricity.

However, if you are currently looking to make an investment in a green gas supplier, then F&S energy may not be the supplier for your needs. Currently, they only offer renewable electricity tariffs.

If you are looking to switch business gas supplier today, then we can help you find a tariff that works for you in under 60 seconds!

How to switch your business energy supplier to F&S Energy

With so many fantastic energy suppliers in the UK, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly which one is right for your companies needs. This is why the team here at Business Energy UK are determined to make the switch as straightforward as it can be.

Our service is designed to give you the means to quickly compare energy supplier tariffs and ensure your company has access to market-leading rates and investment opportunities.

Give our dedicated comparison team a call on 0800 464 7677 or compare deals in less than 60 seconds using our online comparison tool found on our home page.

Comparing and switching energy suppliers doesn't need to be the challenge it once was. With our highly-rated comparison service, we can get you back on the grid at a price that works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a renewable energy source for your UK-based company, then F&S energy is an excellent choice. They offer a fantastic range of tariffs, so finding one that works for your business shouldn't be too difficult!

Contacting F&S Energy is incredibly easy thanks to the range of contact methods they offer. The best way to get in touch fast is to give them a call on 01245 690151 or via email using info@fs-energy.co.uk.

The current F&S Energy address is 87-91 Springfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6JL. You can also use the contact form found on their site. For more information visit the F&S Energy contact page here.

By switching to F&S Energy you may be able to save a large amount of money on your next company electricity bill. They offer a varying range of tariffs suited to companies of all sizes so finding a tariff that is suited to your budget is fairly straightforward.

As F&S energy is a fairly new company, they don't have a large number of online reviews regarding their energy supply service. However, the reviews that do exist are generally positive and suggest that F&S energy may be an incredible independent energy supplier.