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Why compare Total Gas & Power prices with Business Energy UK?

Switching energy supplier can be difficult, especially with so many different tariffs and suppliers out there. But with today's focus on green energy, few suppliers offer a better energy plan than Total Gas & Power.

With so many different tariffs out there and tailored deals, you may get bogged down with the choice. Which is where we come in.

But who are Total Gas & Power and what can they offer companies across the UK? Read on to discover everything you need to know about one of the largest power and gas suppliers in the UK.

Who are Total Gas & Power?

Established in 1987, Total Gas & Power are one of the largest industrial and commercial energy suppliers on the UK market. Originally formed as AGAS Limited, they were the first independent supplier for gas power within the UK. In 1996, they became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elf Business Energy.

They are a part of the Total Group, focusing mainly on supplying green energy to a range of different businesses. Committed to better energy for everyone and with a goal of being carbon net-zero, their energy plans are extremely ethical.

Total Gas & Power currently supply electricity to over 200,000 customers throughout the UK, so you can be sure that they offer high-quality services.

Total Gas & Power business electricity rates

Whether you are a large business or a start-up company, Total Gas & Power provide a range of pure green energy tariffs. If your business uses more than 10GWh of gas or electricity a year then the main tariff options large business customers can find are:

  • Fixed Price - Perfect for large businesses, a fixed price will give you the means to plan your finances around your energy costs. Electricity customers can find a range of contract lengths, from 6 months to 5 years which can save you a lot in the long run
  • Fixed Flexi - Suitable for customers who want the flexibility of a variable cost whilst still being able to budget for their power and gas bill. A Fixed Flexi contract will allow you to lock into a set tariff for a selected amount of time. This means you can take advantage of any variations in the UK market.
  • Baseload - Offering flexibility but with added protection from market fluctuations, the Baseload rate is an extremely popular choice. The 'Baseload' is essentially where you can pay for your gas and power in advance. Businesses can choose whether to pay for it all at once or just a set amount, which allows you to plan around the energy market.
  • Non-Commodity Group Charges - Extremely similar to a fixed rate, Non-Commodity Group Charges will offer you annual revisions. This offers extra levels of accuracy and can be a great way to save money annually.
  • Fully-Traded - If you are looking for unrestricted access to the energy market, then the Fully-Traded plan is designed for you. With this plan, you can buy or sell energy whenever you choose so you can purchase or sell based on your energy budget. Businesses with strong knowledge of the energy market will get the most out of this plan.

Smaller businesses are also covered by their selection of plans. Some popular choices are:

  • Market Guard - A fixed price plan that ensures you are paying the best market price currently available. This is specially designed for small to medium business who are worried they may be spending more than they need to.
  • Eco-Energy - The best plan for any small-medium business that wants to lower its carbon net footprint. The Eco-Energy plan ensures all power and business gas supplied to your company is from a 100% renewable energy source. The Eco-Energy plan is usually a 1-5 year plan, but this can be tailored to suit your businesses needs.
  • Fixed-For-Five - Similar to any other fixed plan, expect that you are locked into a five-year contract. If you want the best prices and you don't mind staying with Total Gas & Power for five years, this is the plan for you.

Much like most gas and power suppliers, they also offer a standard variable rate suitable for a variety of customers:

  • Standard Variable Rate: The most popular choice of tariff for customers is the standard variable tariff. You will be charged a specific rate depending on where you are in the UK and what time of day it is. All customers will be charged the same standing rate and will be notified of any rate changes 30 days in advance.

The pros of switching to Total Gas & Power for your business gas and electricity needs

With such high ratings and over 200,000 customers across the UK, it's no wonder that Total Gas & Power have so many pros. We have highlighted a few of these below:

  • No exit fees after a year - Having the ability to exit an energy contract without hefty exit fees is a great bonus to any plan. If you ever feel the need to switch, then Total Gas & Power won't charge you any exit fees.
  • Large selection of electricity and business gas plans - No matter how large your business is or what energy plan you are interested in, Total Gas & Power will have one that suits your needs. From fixed rates to a fully-traded plan, there is a wide range of options.
  • Eco-friendly options - Finding a power supplier that is sourced from 100% renewable energy can be a struggle. Thankfully, Total Gas & Power offer an eco-friendly energy option for business of any size.
  • Tailored solutions for different sectors - Total Gas & Power offer an incredible range of different energy solutions depending on the sector you are currently in. This means you can easily adapt your energy plan to suit your business needs.

The cons of switching to Total Gas & Power for your business gas and electricity needs

As with any big energy switch, there are a few disadvantages to choosing Total Gas & Power. Take a look below to see what we think are some potential cons:

  • Customer service can be lacking - Although they offer an incredible range of contact methods, Total Gas & Power can be slow to get back in touch.
  • No mobile application - In the digital age, almost all electricity business will offer some form of digital application you can use to track how much you use. Sadly, Total Gas & Power do not currently offer an application that their customers can use.

Compare Total Gas & Power electricity prices with Business Energy UK

So whether you are planning on switching to a brand new power supplier or you just want to check you are on the best tariff available, Business Energy UK can help you compare plans. By comparing a range of the best business energy suppliers out there, you can quickly save money on your tariff.

If your current plan is nearing its end, then now is the time to consider changing your energy supplier. With so many fantastic options out there, we are certain that we can help you find one that better suits your businesses needs. Our team will compare plans quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Total Gas & Power are not only one of the largest commercial natural gas supplier in the UK, but they are also one of the most trusted. They regularly receive great reviews on a range of ranking sites and you can expect to cut down your energy bill by switching to them.

One of the biggest advantages that Total Gas & Power offer is their flexibility when it comes to plans for various sectors. Almost all of their current energy plans can be tailored to suit the sector you currently work in. This is a great bonus for any large scale business.

Gas and power for your company can quickly become pricey, which is why it is important that you find a tariff that suits your budget. We compare the best business gas suppliers in the UK for you so you don't need to trawl the internet to find a new supplier.

If you need to get in touch with Total Gas & Power, the best way is to call their customer service helpline on 0333 003 7874. You can also use the contact form found on their site if you aren't in need of an immediate response.

They offer a selection of specialist contacts depending on your current circumstances:

If you are planning on moving premises or you just want to sign up for a new supplier, switching to Total Gas & Power is pretty straightforward. Before you can switch your business electricity supplier, you will need to get in touch with Total Gas & Power and fill in a customer registration form.

Once you have selected your tariff and discussed rates with their customer service team, you will need to set up a direct debit. To get a quote or to discuss switching, give their sales team a call on 0800 276 1014.