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How to compare Contract Natural Gas (CNG) prices with Business Energy UK

When it comes to switching gas suppliers, you may wonder which suppliers are best for your business needs. With so many options to choose from and a range of different tariff types, it can quickly become overwhelming for even the most experienced business owners.

Here at Business Energy UK, we make it our goal to help you find the right supplier for your needs at a price that works for you. One such supplier that you may be contemplating switching to is Contract Natural Gas.

But who exactly is Contract Natural Gas, and do they offer the right tariff for you? Find out everything you need to know about CNG and how to compare suppliers in less than 60 seconds below!

Who is Contract Natural Gas?

Contract Natural Gas, or CNG for short, are one of the leading business gas suppliers in the United Kingdom. They offer a range of services such as installing new gas connections, meter upgrades, managing a system's gas pressure and supplying gas to commercial properties.

Established in 1994, Contract Natural Gas's goal was to provide innovation to smaller businesses in the UK. This allowed smaller businesses to access gas supplies at reasonable prices, ensuring they don't get locked out of natural gas supplies.

By offering smaller businesses accessible prices to natural gas, CNG is now one of the biggest independent gas suppliers in the UK - quite an impressive feat considering they've only been on the market for just over 25 years.

If you are looking for a supplier that offers high levels of customer service and is determined to help out smaller businesses, be sure to check out CNG contracts.

Contract Natural Gas Business Electricity Rates and Tariffs

Fixed-rate contract

One of the most popular types of energy tariffs in the UK, especially if you are a smaller business, fixed-rate tariffs offer the same rates across the length of the contract. This means you won't be surprised by expensive bills - the price will always remain the same.

A great advantage to a fixed-rate tariff over a variable rate is that you will always know the cost of your bill. This gives you the means to easily figure out your monthly expenses and plan around them.

However, there are still disadvantages to sticking with a fixed-rate tariff. Most notably, you will not be able to take advantage of market trends. If the general gas price decreases, you will still need to pay the same rate you and your supplier agreed on.

Contract Natural Gas offer a few different fixed-rate contracts for varying lengths of time. This means you can find one that is suited to your needs fairly easily.

Variable-rate contract

As you might expect, a variable-rate tariff is a contract that will change its rate depending on the current market trend. This means you can expect lower prices some months, but higher prices in some others.

Due to the unpredictability of variable rate contracts, they are perhaps better suited to larger businesses that can take advantage of trends leading to lower prices. As there is a risk you will be paying more some months, smaller business gas customers may not be fully suited to this tariff.

As with most gas suppliers on the business energy market, Contract Natural Gas currently offer a single variable-rate contract. Due to the rate changing with the trends, there is no need for energy suppliers to provide more than one variable-rate contract.

Deemed or out of contract rates

If you are receiving a gas supply, but you aren't signed up to a contract, you must pay either a deemed rate or an out of contract rate.

A deemed rate assumes that you are not purposefully refusing to sign a contract, which means you won't be charged a premium on your gas. This is useful if you have just purchased a business property that CNG is already supplying and have yet to sign up for a gas contract.

On the other hand, an out of contract rate assumes you are choosing not to sign a gas contract. An out-of-contract rate tends to be the most expensive gas customers will pay towards their gas supply.

We recommend finding a gas contract that is right for your business quickly if you pay an out-of-contract rate. We can help you compare business energy suppliers in less than 60 seconds, so you don't need to pay out-of-contract rates longer than is needed!

Additional Contract Natural Gas Business Contract Information

Contract Natural Gas entered the market intending to help independent business owners find a gas supply right for them. By frequently offering decent rates to smaller companies, CNG is now known as the UK's top independent business gas supplier.

One of the biggest goals for CNG is to provide their business customers with automated meter reading (AMR) technology. This unique system removes the need to constantly check your meter, conveniently giving customers access to more accurate bills.

Another bonus that CNG provide is that they offer different contracts for each business property you run. This lets you manage multiple business sites without the need to manually figure out how much each property is costing you in terms of gas and electricity.

How to Switch Your Business Energy Supplier to Contract Natural Gas

As a business owner, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the vast amount of energy suppliers in the UK alone. Thankfully, here at Business Energy UK, we not only make sure we know everything there is to know about energy suppliers, but we also help you compare with ease.

We offer you an easy way to compare suppliers so you can find the right one for all your business needs. Whether through our online comparison tool or by giving our energy experts a call on 0800 464 7677, we will do all that we can to help you find the deal you deserve.

You can also input your local postcode using our online comparison tool. Simply choose the type of tariff you are looking for and click compare to get results in less than 60 seconds.

We can also help you find an electricity supplier that can get your company premises powered up. By comparing some of the best suppliers currently on the UK market, our energy experts will find you a price and contract that works for you - visit our business electricity page to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the tariff you choose, your energy costs may be reduced by switching to Contract Natural Gas. To find out more about the tariffs available to you, be sure to check out our comparison tool found on our home page.

The quickest way to get in touch with Contract Natural Gas is through their customer helpline on 01423 502 554. If you have access to a computer or phone, you can also send them an email at or use their contact form found on their site.

If you don't need an immediate response, you can write to them using the following registered office address: CNG (Group) Limited, 2 Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 1EL.

Switching to any business supplier can be fairly difficult. But thankfully, with our technical know-how, we can help you compare and switch to the energy supplier that is right for your business needs.

Be sure to check with the OFGEM meter asset managers and meter reading agency to check that you have everything needed to switch your gas supply.

As with almost any energy supplier in the UK, the consensus towards Contract Natural Gas is fairly positive. People generally love the price of their tariffs and the customer service they provide to their gas customers.

However, finding information regarding their tariffs on their site can be tricky. This means it can be hard to truly tell whether Contract Natural Gas is the right supplier for your company.