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How to compare Npower business prices with Business Energy UK

Are you a business owner searching for a new energy supplier? If so, npower business energy is what you're looking for! Whether you're a small or large company, energy bills can make up a lot of your costs so finding the right supplier is essential for keeping your expenditures down.

With so many energy supply companies around now, it can be tricky deciding which new supplier to choose. That's why we aim to make it as easy as possible for you, and npower is perfect for any company.

Whether you're a new or existing company, npower business energy offers great prices and lots of corporate services and products. One of the "Big Six", npower has nearly 5 million private and business customers in the UK.

Want to know more information? Great! Keep reading to find out how npower could help your business premises keep its energy costs down!

Who is Npower Business?

Founded in 2016, npower Business Solutions has become a go-to energy provider for business customers and quickly became one of the "Big Six". As one of the UK's leading energy suppliers, npower business provides new and existing customers with gas, electricity, and other services.

npower Business is dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses understand and manage their energy better. They help business customers decrease their energy bills and improve their net income.

npower Business is also the only energy company to have been awarded triple certification for the carbon trust standard.

This internationally recognised environmental award acknowledges the achievements that npower business has made in decreasing water consumption and carbon emissions. Not only that but they've made improvements to waste management across their UK offices.

Npower Business tariffs

Now let's take a look at the choice of business tariffs that npower offers its customers. They offer five different tariffs for business premises under two main types of tariffs; a variable or a fixed tariff.

As an npower customer, you can choose to have a variable or fixed tariff for your gas, electricity or both.

Standard variable tariff

The first tariff that npower offers is the standard variable. Depending on the price of energy, variable tariffs can go up and down. The pros of this type of tariff are that you can enjoy decreased energy costs and there are no time limits, allowing you to switch to a new tariff whenever you like.

With that said, if the price of power goes up, your tariff could rise above what you'd like to pay. Whichever tariff you're thinking of choosing, it's important to make sure it's the right one for your business.

Comparing the prices of different energy suppliers like npower could save you lots of time, money, and effort. By using our comparison site, you'll be able to see lots of different price and tariff options, no hassle and no fuss!

Fixed-rate tariff

The other tariff on offer is a fixed rate tariff. Fixed-rate means that the price you pay for how much energy your business property uses is fixed. Even if the price of energy goes up, your tariff won't rise. The downside of this is if energy prices drop, you won't benefit from the decreased rates.

With the fixed-rate, you can choose how long your contract is for and the energy prices will stay fixed for up to 4 years.

There are a few ways you can pay for your fixed tariff; direct debit, cash, or cheque. Paying by direct debit will give you the most benefits as energy businesses usually offer a surcharge discount. As for their names, npower's fixed tariffs are called Price Fix, Super Fix, and Online Price Fix.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Go Green Energy Fix. This is a fixed rate tariff for gas and electricity, with eco-friendly incentives such as tree planting.

Be sure to do your own research thoroughly before you choose a tariff so that you're selecting the right one for your business. Need help choosing? Our experts are always here to help if you need to seek advice.

The pros of becoming an npower Business customer

New and existing customers will be pleased to know they can manage their accounts using their business login via npower's online portal which offers basic functions and advanced features including:

  • View, create and download your energy reports
  • Find and download billing invoices
  • Submit online meter readings
  • Manage several users
  • Update personal details

These features allow business customers to manage their power consumption easily and efficiently from their offices. Other positive reviews from happy customers include the request a callback feature and the swift resolving of emergencies from customer services.

For medium or large businesses, npower Business energy offers lots of services as well as being a gas and electricity provider, including:

  1. Risk management to assist you in finding more cost-efficient ways to use energy
  2. Energy HQ, which analyses your energy usage to give you appropriate tariff costs
  3. Online tools for energy management
  4. Advice about creating your own energy, for example, if your business property has solar panels.

The cons of becoming an npower Business customer

Although npower business customers can enjoy the benefits of the business login, there is one downside to it. The provider doesn't offer a mobile app so you can't manage your accounts while you're on the move.

If you have a working life that doesn't involve a lot of moving around to other locations, then this might not be an issue. But if your day consists of a lot of travelling and you rely on your smartphone, it's important to realise you won't be able to manage your energy consumption with npower.

Another drawback to npower is that it was bought by Eon in 2019, and now customers can no longer opt for npower business electricity.

Compare npower Business energy prices with Business Energy UK

If you're trying to keep your energy bills down, switching to a new business energy provider is a great way of doing so, but many people are confused about where to start.

Our UK experts are on hand to help you compare energy prices and best of all, it's completely free! All you'll need to do is provide us with some information about your business and its typical energy consumption, which you can easily find on your most recent bill.

We will compare tariffs from the biggest business energy suppliers, known as the 'Big Six", as well as a generous range of newer and smaller energy providers. We'll tailor your search results and our service is completely impartial, so you can be confident you'll only be shown the best value deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best energy suppliers for your individual business will depend on a variety of factors. However, there are several excellent reasons why Opus Energy is a good business energy provider, and you should certainly consider them if you're planning to make a switch.

Firstly, Opus Energy are one of Need to contact npower? You have a few options on how to get in contact so you can pick the one that suits you best. You can fill out their online enquiry form which will then be sent to a member of the team who will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact their team about queries such as accounts, obtaining a quote, making a complaint, invoices or anything else by phone. Their customer service number is 0845 070 9494 and for new business enquiries, their number is 0800 677 1611.

Their opening times are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, excluding public holidays. If your query isn't urgent, you can write to them if you prefer.

Which tariff you choose depends on your individual business needs. Knowing how much energy your business uses will help you know which tariff is best for you. Take meter readings regularly to see how much you're using and at which times.

If you don't mind signing an energy contract for a set period such as 12 months, a fixed tariff would be a good option. Your energy costs won't go any higher during your contract, so your bill will only change if you use less or more energy.

It can be tricky choosing a new provider, are they good or are you going to end up switching again? npower is a good provider if you're looking to lower your energy costs and increase your bottom line. As your business grows, npower can accommodate your expansion along the way.

If you need new energy connections installed, they'll "fast-track" you as a business client. npower also claims that they can supply new meters on-site within just 5 working days of them being requested.

While your new connection is being set up at your business, you'll be given a dedicated contact from the npower team who will be there to answer any questions or queries you might have.

Selecting a new provider can be daunting as you need to get it right. That's why it's a good idea to read reviews from other customers. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from your new energy provider.

npower offers many additional products and services to its business customers, including reducing their carbon footprints and the ability to submit online meter readings for complete convenience. Other useful features and services include:

  • Straightforward new connections and meter installations
  • LED lighting to conserve energy
  • Capify finance to help and support small and medium-sized businesses with loans
  • DMSL partnership for mobile, VOIP, and broadband services for businesses