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How to compare Yorkshire Gas & Power prices with BEUK

Until recently, for many, the most important feature of a business energy supplier's service was the cost.

That is to say, businesses would simply seek to acquire a supplier that effectively provided its electricity and gas at an affordable rate; thereafter, as long as the service was acceptable, no further action was required.

However, over the last decade, another factor has risen to prominence, and that is how environmentally friendly and sustainable a business's source of energy is.

Moreover, to stay ahead of the curve, maintain a positive image and avoid green taxation, switching to a more eco-friendly business energy supplier has fast become a must for large and small businesses alike.

Happily, the energy sector is waking up to the fact that the future is a green and renewable one, and crucially, the processes of harnessing green energy sources, such as wind and solar power, are becoming more efficient every day.

Thus, through energy companies like Yorkshire Gas And Power (YGP), UK businesses can maintain their eco-conscience as well as (potentially) reduce their energy contract rates.

However, with the market for green business energy providers growing increasingly competitive, it's important for business owners to make the most informed decision possible before committing to switching to a greener energy company.

With that in mind, this article will explore Yorkshire Gas And Power in finer detail.

If, however, you'd like to speak directly to one of our energy experts, you can contact us via phone on 0800 464 7677 or by email info@businessenergy.com

Who are Yorkshire Gas and Power?

Yorkshire Gas and Power (trading name Eco Green Management Limited) is a licensed gas and 100% renewable energy supplier.

Founded and based in the UK city of Leeds, Yorkshire Gas and Power provides gas and renewable electricity right across the UK.

However, not only is YGP a key investor in cutting edge, renewable energy (with a particular focus on the UK's most efficient green energy, wind power) but it's also a keen investor in its customers.

As a matter of fact, YGP takes pride in its self-proclaimed "refreshing view" on how it approaches customer care and complaints, a tactic the company hopes will aid it in its endeavour to grow and compete with the established "Big 6" energy companies.

As such, YGP represents a very accessible, proactive energy service that is keen to resolve any issues that its clientele may have.

Yorkshire Gas and Power services & tariffs

Yorkshire Gas And Power provide varying types of services and tariffs to suit businesses of any size, from small independent businesses to large multinational corporations.

These tariffs can be broken down into five simple categories:

Fixed-rate tariffs/contracts

  • Business gas and electricity contracts that last between 12 - 36 months.
  • Energy prices will remain fixed for the full contract term.
  • Clients can request to have common business energy contract end dates so that all contracts lapse at the same time.

Flexible and pass-through products

  • Enables a business to have certain parts of its energy bill passed through at a pass-through rate.
  • While this adds more risk to a business's energy costs, it can also help to save more money than a standard energy purchasing option.

Multi-site contracts

  • Enables YGP to provide power to several linked business sites simultaneously.
  • Multiple sites are tied to a single contract without the loss of flexibility needed to meet a business's varying needs where necessary.


  • YGP uses simple and coherent billing invoices so that business power customers can easily interpret and manage their finances.
  • YGP also offers a monthly payment plan, a system designed to enable businesses to spread out their annual energy bill and avoid seasonal fluctuations in price.

Out of contract rates

  • YGP offers two standards out of contract rates that are recharged by supply point.


  • Daily Standing Charge: 7.50p/kWh (all units).


  • Daily Standing Charge: 27.50p/kWh (all units).
  • Month Capacity Charge: £7.50/kVA (where applicable).

Why should I choose Yorkshire Gas and Power as my business energy supplier?

    There are numerous reasons why you should move your business energy supply to Yorkshire Gas and Power and none are more important than its commitment to green energy.

    As the UK (and the wider global community) moves to address climate change, the move from unsustainable fossil fuels to greener, renewable energy sources is projected to accelerate exponentially over the next decade.

    While the energy sector undergoes this eco-metamorphosis, businesses that commit to becoming carbon neutral will be rewarded for their efforts, while those who fail to meet new and established national and international standards will receive financial penalties.

    For example, green energy taxes such as the Climate Change Levy, have already been implemented.

    Moreover, the ever-growing efficiency of renewable energy technology, such as the wind power that YGP utilises, means that these resources, and the companies that tap into them, offer a cheaper source of business electricity.

    As a result, should you move your energy provision to YGP, not only does your business stand to benefit financially from avoiding heavy green taxes, but also from the substantial savings it can make from a fundamentally cheaper energy resource.

    With this in mind, YGP's commitment to providing 100% renewable energy, and its position at the forefront of green technology, means it is an excellent candidate for futureproofing your business' energy supply.

    Moreover, YGP boasts high customer satisfaction rates, so should you choose to switch your power supplier to YGP, not only will your business save money but you'll also acquire the services of an energy provider that dynamically seeks to work with and resolve its client's issues.

Is Switching To Yorkshire Gas And Power Easy?

It couldn't be simpler to switch your energy provider to Yorkshire Gas and Energy, and here at Business Energy UK, we'll help you compare YGP with other energy providers to make sure you secure the best deal for your business at no additional fee.

Moreover, it can take as little as 60 seconds for us to compare energy suppliers for you, and thereafter, your chosen provider, in this case, YGP, will conduct the majority of the required work for you, making it a simple and fast process.

Similarly, if you have no existing arrears or, indeed, time left on your term with your current provider, the entire process should be complete within 6 weeks at the latest.

If you'd like to see how much your business could save, you can compare business energy suppliers here and business electricity prices here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Happily not.

While YGP is based within Leeds, England, it supplies energy all over the UK. Current clients include businesses located in England, Scotland and Wales.

As a result, if you're business is located in the UK and you'd like to move to a more economically and environmentally sustainable energy provider, YGP could provide the answer.

It's difficult to definitively assess whether your business energy costs will be lower with YGP without first reviewing and comparing your current energy tariffs and records.

With that in mind, our UK Energy Supplier Comparison tool is a fast and effective way to compare your current costs to YGP and indeed other rival energy companies.

Due to YGP's commitment to green energy, if you're planning on making the move from an energy provider that still largely burns fossil fuels to generate its electricity, the likelihood is that your energy costs will be significantly lower with YGP.

This is because, green energy, and in particular, wind power, is the UK's most energy and economically efficient energy resource.

Similarly, as the use of unsustainable fuels is phased out and renewable energy becomes ever more efficient, the gulf in price between both energy sources will only grow.

Due to its ongoing commitment to engaging with and resolving customer complaints, YGP has built an excellent reputation amongst its business energy clients, as is demonstrated by its Trustpilot profile.

Pertinently, while there are a few negative reviews, 70% of comments left by customers regard the company as being "excellent".

Absolutely. As stated above, 70% of YGP reviews rate the company as "excellent" with a further 3% registering them as "good".

Therein, many customers report a smooth transfer to the company, with some taking as little as 1 week to complete the process.

Some customers have praised the work of YGP throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as the company has been quick to apply meter readings and re-billing to customer accounts.

Additionally, some customers have also stated just how knowledgeable the company is, something highlighted by the clarity and consistency of their communication and billing documentation.

Consequentially, if you choose to make the move to YGP as a business energy customer, you can expect to receive a thorough and effective energy service that reduces your company's carbon footprint and lowers its energy bills.