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How to compare Corona Energy prices with Business Energy UK

If you're a new tenant or business owner looking to make a gas and electricity saving, it's time to switch your energy provider, and Corona Energy could be the energy experts that help you save money.

Today, the energy sector is highly competitive, and several energy companies manage to make saving easier than ever. Not only that, the competitive market drives down business energy prices for customers and increases the standard of service.

By using our handy comparison tool, you will be able to find the best gas and electricity provider for you and compare prices for Corona Energy with other leading providers.

Who are Corona Energy?

Corona Energy are an independent business gas and electricity supplier with over 20 years of experience supplying energy to the UK market.

The company specialises in commercial gas and energy supply and are often seen as an alternative to big-name public sector supply companies. Currently, Corona Energy supplies around 14% of industrial and commercial gas and electricity in the UK.

Their 13,000 customers receive a gas and electric service that is attentive, flexible and personalised. Indeed, Corona Energy places enormous value on its customer service, as proven by its customer reviews.

As well as providing competitive business gas and electricity solutions to customers all over the UK, they can also provide an environmentally friendly alternative.

As many companies look to reduce their carbon footprint and show that they are socially responsible, the market for green energy is growing.

Corona Energy's renewable energy options can deliver fuels to companies that are ready to take that step.

What Corona Energy provides

Corona Energy specialises in alternative gas and electricity for UK businesses, but they aren't restricted to the industrial sector. The company has a full suite of tariffs to accommodate small, medium and large companies of all kinds.

Corona Energy will give you the numbers you need upfront, but they will also provide simple steps for you to change your company quickly and improve your bottom line.

Corona Energy small business benefits:

  • A range of fixed and flexible tariffs
  • A dedicated team for customers
  • Frictionless onboarding
  • Quotes in less than 48 hours
  • A bespoke account pricing matrix
  • Half-hourly automated meter readings

Corona Energy larger, multi-site business benefits;

  • A wide and varied range of fixed or flexible tariffs
  • A dedicated team to work with you
  • Flexibility in supply contracts with cost transparency
  • Risk management strategy assistance
  • A team of specialist advisors
  • Optimised market intelligence for buying performance
  • Easy access online management system
  • Environmentally friendly gas and electricity options

If you're interested in corporate gas and electricity, Corona Energy also has a full suite of options:

  • Fixed and flexible contracts
  • Fully fix non-commodity costs
  • Onboarding complex portfolios
  • Flexible supply agreements
  • Risk management strategies
  • Specialist account manager

How to switch your business energy supplier to Corona Energy

Switching your business energy supplier over to Corona Energy could not be easier. We make it as simple as possible to compare the best energy rates and move to a new supplier.

To ensure you are getting the best deal, we will always advise you to compare with as many other suppliers as possible.

Thanks to our handy comparison tool, you just need to enter your details, click the button, and within one minute, you are able to see the best deals from all the biggest suppliers, as well as some smaller independent energy suppliers.

If you are happy that Corona Energy can provide the offer you want, you can click through to their site to accept the deal.

When can you switch your business energy supplier to Corona Energy?

When you get to the end of your current contract, you will be free to move your business energy supplier. Keeping an eye on when your contract is due to end will give you plenty of time to start looking.

If your old contract lapses and you had not agreed on a new deal, you will be able to move, but you may have to give a notice period of around 28 days.

A default contract that kicks in when your old contract ends will usually be at a higher rate, so you want to avoid moving onto these where possible.

If there is still time before your current contract ends but you are looking to leave early, it can be possible by speaking directly with the supplier. However, there may be a penalty charge to do this. Weighing it all up may mean that it still works out better to pay the fee and move to Corona Energy.

If you are having difficulty leaving your current supplier and they have not explained why to your satisfaction, you can contact Citizens Advice who will be able to provide expert advice.

What information is needed to transfer to Corona Energy?

Providing some information to Corona Energy will make your move quick and easy. Here is an example of some of the information they will need to provide you with a quote;

  • Business postcode
  • Current supplier
  • Current contract terms
  • Current energy cost
  • Annual energy use

You will be advised of what information is required. Gone are the days of complicated transactions! With the Business Energy UK comparison tool, you will be able to move your supply and find the price that benefits your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corona Energy receives favourable reviews online from customers. This business gas and business energy supplier is an excellent fit for businesses and offers competitive rates with an ethical standard.

The Corona Energy Trustpilot score of 4.3 out of 5 is particularly impressive and shows that they are doing something right in terms of how they treat their customers and what they can offer.

The company do not publish the price of their energy, but Corona Energy's prices are estimated to be 5.5p per kWh for gas and 22.5p per kWh for out of contract power at the time of writing.

The rates and tariffs that Corona Energy can offer are dependent on many factors such as your energy usage, the size of your business and the services you provide. They may be able to offer your business a way to save money on energy bills which is why we would advise using our comparison tool to check.

As a completely impartial website, Business Energy UK offers you peace of mind in knowing that you will find the kind of deals energy experts could spend days looking for in a matter of minutes.

The personalised service gives you the best prices for gas and business electricity tailored to your needs.

Should you need to contact Corona Energy's team, you can reach them by email, phone or social media

Corona Energy telephone - 0800 804 8589 Mon - Fri: 9am till 5pm

Corona Energy email -