All manufacturing businesses require energy to run efficiently. Whether through the use of industrial equipment or simply through lighting the workspace, the cost of essential business energy can quickly become unaffordable.

Business owners may think that switching their tariff is a difficult process, but reducing your energy consumption is often easier than you may think. At Business Energy UK, we make it simple to switch and compare the top business energy suppliers in the UK, allowing you to save time and money while improving your carbon footprint.

Cutting Energy Costs For Manufacturing Businesses

Whether it's a workshop with a handful of staff or a factory employing hundreds, it is likely that your company's energy usage will be considerably high. As business energy accounts for a large proportion of a company's operational costs, it is important to consider how you can reduce the use of commercial energy.

Choosing the right supplier is a major factor in the process. Failing to switch suppliers can result in a more expensive energy contract, leading to businesses overpaying for the energy used in their running. The right deal can save you hundreds on your business energy bills, allowing you to secure a tariff that matches the needs of your company.

There are also a number of steps that the business can take in reducing its energy costs. As more importance is being placed on the concept of energy efficiency, it is vital that a business can minimise the amount of energy it uses.

Switching to renewable energy is more cost-effective than burning fossil fuels, but there are also some simpler ways in which a business can minimise energy. For example, all machinery should be switched off when not in use, and investing in an energy monitor can help you record your consumption.

Increasing energy efficiency doesn't have to be a daunting process. Even the smallest of changes can help you save money in the long run.

Benefits Of Switching Business Energy Suppliers In The Manufacturing Industry

Business Gas

Commercial gas can often be highly expensive for manufacturing businesses, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be. Switching to a business gas contract more suited to your needs and budget can be of great benefit to your company - potential benefits include;

  • Cheaper gas prices:
    your new supplier may be able to offer you better deals, meaning that you'll never have to spend more money than necessary on your gas.
  • Potential discounts:
    new clients are often rewarded with a discount when switching suppliers, so you may be entitled to a cheaper rate for a limited time when you join.
  • Shorter contracts:
    certain suppliers can offer you a shorter energy contract, allowing you the freedom to switch again after a shorter period of time.
  • Additional services:
    some business gas suppliers can help you save on other energy services; many also cover electricity as part of their contract.

Business Electricity

As electricity rates continue to rise across the UK, many businesses are seeking suppliers who will offer a better deal. It's important to understand the types of energy tariffs on offer, as choosing the right type can come with many advantages to your business.

  • Fixed-rate tariffs:
    with a fixed-rate tariff, you'll never have to worry about soaring market prices. The pre-agreed rate will remain the same throughout the duration of the contract, helping you avoid unnecessarily costly energy bills.
  • Variable-rate tariffs:
    a variable contract differs from a fixed-rate tariff in that the rates fluctuate in accordance with the rise and fall of energy prices. Although a fixed-rate contract may appear to be the better option at first, a variable tariff could save you hundreds in the event that the market costs fall.
  • Green business energy tariffs:
    opting for a green tariff has a number of environmental benefits, as it uses renewable energy to power your business operations. Most customers will expect your business to be doing its bit for the planet, so choosing a green tariff can improve your company's reputation.
  • Avoid rollover contracts:
    switching to the right tariff can help you avoid further overpayments, paid as a result of a rollover deal set out by your previous supplier. These contracts can often lead to businesses being charged extortionate rates, so it is important to switch business energy deals when your current contract allows.

Tips For Manufacturing Companies To Save Money On Energy

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reducing your energy usage comes with many environmental benefits, but it can also help your business when it comes to saving on your bills. Although the demand for energy can make this seem impossible, even the simplest steps can help you reduce your reliance on energy.

It may be worth investing in a monitor to help you record your energy usage. That way, you can see which appliances are consuming the most energy and can make an informed decision on how to reduce your energy use. The majority of energy monitors display the cost of your energy usage, so they can be particularly effective at prompting companies to make positive changes.

You should also ensure that all machinery is switched off when not in use. This helps to prevent energy wastage and can lower your business energy bills dramatically. It may also be a good idea to set your heating systems to a timer, as heating is one of the main consumers of energy in manufacturing businesses.

Increase Energy Efficiency

There are many steps your business can take to improve its energy efficiency level. The goal is to use less energy to carry out the same tasks, all while saving your business money and improving your carbon footprint in the process.

Switching to LED bulbs is a simple yet highly effective method. Not only can LED bulbs increase your overall energy efficiency, but they can also have a long-lasting performance, making them highly cost-effective in the long run.

Energy-efficient appliances can also positively impact your workplace. As the importance of energy efficiency continues to inspire businesses to make changes, such equipment is now becoming more widely available to manufacturers. Although this efficient machinery may appear to be less cost-effective, it can in fact lower your bills over time as it can function without excess energy.

Switch Suppliers

No business owner should have to pay more than necessary for their energy, and switching providers ensures you'll get the best business energy deals. The overpayment of energy can lead to excessively high operational costs, so it is essential that businesses find an energy tariff that matches their needs.

Switching suppliers can often seem a daunting process at first, but using our free comparison service can help you find the right deal for your business. Compare deals from the leading energy suppliers in the UK, as well as smaller independent providers, to help you broaden your search.

We firmly believe that switching energy suppliers is one of the best ways to lower your energy bills. Not only can you get cheaper prices and a shorter, more flexible contract, but you may also get access to newcomer discounts, saving you even more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although manufacturing businesses traditionally used fossil fuels, more and more modern factories are opting for renewable energy. This is a more efficient alternative to traditional sources, as it prevents energy wastage while also saving money.

Manufacturing and industrial services account for a large proportion of the energy used worldwide. This is because there is a constant demand for the production of goods and services.

Business energy ensures the smooth operation of a company and is used for a variety of purposes. These can include the essential heating and lighting of workspaces, as well as the functioning of machinery and appliances.