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How to compare British Gas prices with Business Energy UK

With so many energy suppliers available to your business, it can be hard to decide which to choose when your energy plan is up for renewal.

British Gas Business could be a great choice for your next business energy deal, as they have fantastic sustainability options as well as a wide range of tariffs and prices to suit every business, from the large to the small.

Who is British Gas Business?

British Gas is the UK's leading energy supplier; they provide gas and electricity to more businesses than any other supplier. They have more than 350,000 organisations signed up to their tariffs.

The company was founded in 1997 and is part of the Centrica Group, an international energy services company that is committed to excellent customer service and finding sustainable energy solutions. This means they are an excellent choice for companies looking for reliable service and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Choosing British Gas as your business energy supplier will give you access to energy market specialists, a wide variety of business energy tariffs, market usage insights as well as some fantastic renewable energy plans for your company's low carbon future.

British Gas Business plans

British Gas offer two main types of tariff for businesses: fixed-rate or 30-day rolling energy.

With all their plans you can choose whether to have a gas-only, electricity-only, or dual tariff deal, making it a highly flexible option for all business needs.

For all standard British Gas energy plans, 76% of energy comes from renewable sources, which is considerably higher than the industry average of 38%. They also offer 100% renewable business energy plans, if reducing your carbon footprint is a key aim for your company.

Here's an outline of the terms you can expect from the two different tariffs:

Fixed energy plan

  • You can pick a contract length between 1-3 years to suit you and your business.
  • Rates per kWh of energy will stay the same for the entire duration of the contract, so there's no need to worry about market fluctuations affecting your monthly bill.
  • It's much easier to predict how much your business energy bill will cost, although your bill will still vary based on your specific energy usage each month.
  • You're tied into the plan for the duration of time specified at the start of the contract.
  • If you pay online for your bill by direct debit, you can get a 7% discount.

Rolling energy plan

  • Full flexibility with a 30-day notice period, meaning you can change suppliers at any time.
  • You'll benefit from any price drops in the market due to energy rate fluctuation, lowering your energy bill.
  • This type of plan can make it harder to predict your monthly business energy bills.
  • You can upgrade your account to a fixed-rate business energy plan at any time.
  • You can still get a 7% discount if you pay for your energy bills online by direct debit.

British Gas Business electricity rates

British Gas also offer dedicated electricity plans to UK businesses. You don't have to use the same energy supplier for both your business energy and gas, although this could secure you better prices and allow you to save on your businesses' energy costs.

Business electricity unit prices may be cheaper than domestic ones (but you will pay more VAT). Business electricity prices are calculated based on your businesses' size and energy consumption. British Gas offer both fixed and variable rate electricity contracts to their customers, as well as tailored deals for half-hourly meters.

Half-hourly meters are usually found in large companies with a high amount of business energy consumption. If your business has a half-hourly meter, British Gas offer tailored prices and immediate quotes for your business account. If green energy is a key priority for your company, it's also possible to get a fully renewable electricity plan for your business.

How to switch to British Gas Business

If you've decided you want to change suppliers and make British Gas your new business energy provider, here are some simple steps that outline the easiest way for you to change your energy service:

  1. Make sure to compare prices at Business Energy – it's the easiest way to save money on your energy bill.
  2. Inform the supplier directly that you wish to begin the deal you selected from Business Energy. You’ll need to let them know some important information, such as your business name and address, average energy usage (this can usually be found on your energy bills) and the details of your old supplier.
  3. Once you’ve agreed on a quote and price with them, you should receive a contract pack for your new account: you don’t need to sign this, it’s simply for your own reference.
  4. They will process the change and contact your old supplier: there should be nothing for you to do as long as there’s no outstanding balance on your account, or you’re not tied into your existing energy contract.
  5. Sit back and relax! It usually takes around three weeks to change provider, and your new supplier will manage the whole process.

Compare British Gas Business energy costs with Business Energy UK

Before you decide to change or renew suppliers, make sure to compare energy prices with us here at Business Energy UK: it's the easiest way to ensure you're getting the best price for your company's energy bills.

We offer our customers a free and impartial comparison service, so you can weigh up the different deals and services available to your business: for example the different prices for fixed-rate and rolling contracts, as well as comparing prices between green energy plans if sustainability is a key concern for your company.

You can compare prices online in under 60 seconds, and all you need to begin with is a postcode and contact details. You can also control your search results by filtering them to suit your specific business needs: it really is that simple to save on your next energy bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best supplier for you will depend on a variety of factors that are often unique to your business. That being said, there are a number of reasons why British Gas could be a fantastic supplier for you. For example:

  • They are the largest business energy provider in the United Kingdom, which means they are a popular choice with a good track record.
  • Due to their size, they can offer a wide variety of flexible deals to suit a number of price points.
  • They offer certified and secure 100% sustainable energy plans.
  • You can easily manage your account online.

Smart meters can be a fantastic way to save you time and offer a seamless way to manage your company's energy bill. Once you are connected to a smart meter, you'll regularly receive your smart meter readings online for your account and will no longer have to send manual readings to your supplier.

Not only does this reduce the time spent managing your account and latest bill, but it also means you'll have more accurate readings as you'll only be charged for the energy you've used.

What's more, British Gas offer free installation to their customers, although not every business is eligible: you'll need to apply directly to find out more.

For all account queries, you can contact the customer service team at 0333 202 9802. Their hours are 8-8 Monday-Friday and 8-6 on Saturday.

If you have an emergency or your services aren't working, you can contact this number: 0333 200 8899. Technicians are available for advice on this line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also chat with a customer service representative online to manage your energy account, and find answers to a number of queries and in-depth advice for specific topics.

The company offers 100% sustainable energy plans which are certified by the Carbon Trust. The Carbon Trust 100% renewable electricity label gives your customers and stakeholders a clear visual signal that helps you verify the origin of your renewable energy as part of your sustainable reporting requirements.

As well as this, British Gas currently uses 76% renewable sources for non-green plans, which is much higher than the industry average.